Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Year 2011 was a year of extremes.  From the tragedy of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, to the pageantry of a British Royal wedding; from the wave of revolutionary change in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, plunging economy, to the heavy flood situation in Asia, this is truly a year full of roller coaster ride.   Even there are an abnormal long list of people in government positions caught on indecent acts.

And then, there's a whole list of obsession we were caught up with because either the information is so far-fetch, or the idea is so new and enticing that we want it to be true.
 After all,  here we are, sitting down at the last 2 days of year 2011, we found this year to be a real ride.  Just like you know it in your gut when you step out of the roller coaster car after you've been brought up and down the hill,  twist and turn,  emergency stop and all.    Then you think  to yourself, yeah,  this is one 'real' ride that shame the rest of the ride in the theme park.

While a lot of this major events happen around the world around us,  we can say to ourselves that it's not really related to our ways of life here.  But hey,  those of you who know enough economy and world history will know that any even happening around the world will have a impact on us, be it positive or negative.  There is impact and thus there will be changes.  When things happen to us,  we get to be in the position to influence the event.  When things happen to world around us, we somehow receive the impact involuntarily,  much like being a second hand smoker.  And thus, it makes the impact less heavy but still it will sneak out and surprise us later.

With all these event,  i can't help but to take a deep breath and let all these sink in and settle down through the back of my head.  After all,  these are past events and we cannot let them hold us back.  So,  now,  stand straight, look ahead and face year 2012 with a smile.

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