Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eat Better in Year 2012 @ Rosemary Bites

How many times we start a new year with the resolution to keep fit, stay healthy and diet.  Well,  this year,  we are going all out about it and start with the 'Eat Better' Menu this year in year 2012.
We believe that you deserve to have the choice to eat better everyday.  Eating better actually translate to eating in proportion of greens, proteins and carbohydrates.  Eat better also means that set a time to throw away all the stress and enjoy the food instead of just shoving them in.  Eat better will also mean quality time with family and friends or simply a 'myself' time to calm and reconnect with our inner selves.

First stop in eating better is to bring enjoyable dinner back to family.  You can pre-order this family dinner set/package 1-day ahead and enjoy it in the restaurant, or pick it up and enjoy it in the comfort of your dining room :)  You choice, your way.  Call or email us for your booking today.  This dinner is valid from Jan 9th 2012 till  Feb 9th 2012 only.  Hurry up and call us at 03-7805-2088 or email at today :)

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