Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some The World's Most Gut-Busting Meals

America rarely makes it onto lists of the world's healthiest or fittest countries.  In fact, American’s are known for eating meals out of the fryers even deep fried butter! But just because the deep-fried spotlight shines brightest on the United States doesn't mean that other countries are just sitting around drinking hot tea and eating leafy greens all day. 
In Tokyo,despite being exposed to  more Michelin-stars than any other city on earth, they can curb hunger pangs with a $16 foie gras burger. 

Even though it may sound like a stateside invention, deep-fried pizza didn't start in the U.S. -- it's a Scottish creation. 

The English are no strangers to guilty pleasure dishes, whether it's fish and chips or Shepherd's pie, but the True Love Roast at Heal Farm is practically virtuosic, cooking 12 birds together, one stuffed inside the other like poultry nesting dolls. It ultimately comes out to 50,000 calories and can serve 125 people.

This news is not a surprise for us in Rosemary Bites  at all because we utterly remember one incident during Thanks Giving Holiday last year.  One of our regular customers asked if we can stuff a chicken inside a duck and later a duck inside a turkey.  Wow,  that will be really superb we thought back then and then when we give that idea a bit more thought, we throw in the towel.

Would you like to try one of these ? let us know, give us a call 2 days ahead, or drop us an email at management@bites.com.my.  We might consider taking up your challenge to cook it if you’re up to the challenge to finish the dish.

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